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Tutorials for Photoshop,
Photoshop Elements, Corel DRAW!,
Paint Shop Pro and Xara Xtreme Pro

GrafX Design serves up 2,000,000 tutorial pages every month! Take a look at our graphics software tutorials to see how they can help you get the most from your software. Learn to create stunning web graphics or bring out the very best in your digital photographs...


Here's a sampling of what some of GrafX Design's visitors are writing to us in recent emails...

Hi - I would just like to thank you for your tutorials that you provide. Usually I find a lot of people's tutorials complicated, but yours are great, easy to understand and follow - thank you for being so accurate on all of your steps! I found them most helpful, and will return to this site in the future! :)
I just wanted to let you know that I found your site last night while trying to take an online assessment of my photoshop skills. Thanks to you I passed my test. Now I've come back to your site to actually learn what you are teaching.
Thank you so much.
First, I would like to thank you for, not only your article, but, for your straight-forward, easy to understand method of writing. I have bookmarked it and will get back to it for consumption later today. The reason that I am writing to you is that I have been searching for articles and tutorials that will help a 58 year old photographer make the transition from the wet darkroom to the digital age. Many years of working with film, that I love, and now digital makes a tough transition for some of us not raised in the digital age. Anti-Aliasing and aliasing are terms that held mystery for me when I started trying to understand Photoshop and all that is surrounding that medium. You have simplified it and made it perfectly understandable. This is a departure from what I consider the overwrought " see, I have expertise and a large ego" writing that permeates other tutorials I have tried to study.

Thank you and please let me know if you have other articles on the boil. Gratefully,
TCrowe-Glen Ellen Photography

New & Upcoming is celebrating over 13 years on the Web! That's right, 13 years of delivering some of the most enduring graphics tutorials available, and all for free!

We've had several "looks" over the years, and we hope that you enjoy our latest effort...

Photoshop Quick Tips:
We're excited about our new Photoshop Quick Tip Videos. These are short, informative on-line videos that highlight some of Adobe Photoshop's coolest tricks.

Upcoming tutorials include:

For Photoshop:
For Photoshop Elements:
For Corel DRAW!
  • Drawing real-world objects
  • Creating calendars (a reader-suggested tutorial)
  • Power Clips

For Paint Shop Pro
For Xara Xtreme/Xtreme Pro

High Quality video-based tutorials

...with over 300 different titles, all taught by professionals. Learn any application in a fraction of the time right from your own desktop. This unique method offers accelerated learning and a high retention rate. Here are a couple of topics that you might find interesting. View free demos of the courses using one of the links listed below.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 Tutorials CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 Tutorials
CorelDRAW 10 Tutorials CorelDRAW 9 Tutorials

Photoshop CS2 Tutorials Photoshop Special FX
Photoshop for the Web Photoshop for Photographers
Photoshop CS Tutorials Photoshop Image Artistry
Photoshop Image Restoration Photoshop 7 Tutorials


Current Favorites

Here's of list of our most popular graphics tutorials:

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Quick Mask Have you ever wanted to do a little cutting and pasting and make it look as if your head was on someone else's body? Read more....

Corel (JASC)
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Transparent GIFs This technique demonstrates how to create transparent GIFs in Paint Shop Pro Read more....

Xara Xtreme Pro Tutorials

Illustrating a Guitar - Part 1 It may seem to be quite an undertaking to create a realistic illustration of something like an electric guitar, but I wanted to challenge the ease-of-use of this software. Read more....

Corel DRAW! Tutorials

Creating Complex Shapes Drawing circles, squares, triangles , etc. is easy with a vector program. How do you combine these shapes to create something more complex, though? Follow this tutorial and you'll see how easy it can be to create just about any shape you need. Read more....

Software Deals

Download and try out the free demos and then save 10%, 20% and more when you decide to buy!
has partnered with some of the best graphics software companies in the World to offer you terrific savings on your favorite programs.


Photoshop Plugins
AlienSkin Software - They will never wear suits! We've been using AlienSkin's Photoshop Plug-ins for over a decade and they are still our favorites.


Photoshop Plugins

Xara 3D

Create amazing, high-quality 3D graphics easily!

Read our review of Xara 3D 6 or click the graphic below to download a free trial version.

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